Founded on March 18,2011, the Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce (“CCCC”) is the largest and most influential non-profit organization in the Carolinas helping to promote and encourage economic, cultural, and educational exchanges between China and the United States.


CCCC serves as an advocate of Chinese enterprises and the Chinese business community in the Carolinas.


CCCC is dedicated to providing a forum for American and Chinese governmental, commercial, and educational/cultural organizations to gain a better understanding and build mutual trust with each other. Thus, helping to foster beneficial partnerships and facilitate trade and investment opportunities between the two great nations.


CCCC’s mission is to create value, generate economic growth, and enhance cooperation between the United States and Chinese business communities.


CCCC does this by providing a broad range of programs, services, and resources to its members in an effort to foster the mutual understanding, trust, and engagement between China and the United States.


As of early 2020, CCCC’s members have revenue streams of over $1billion, employ thousands of people, and support over thousands of jobs throughout the Carolinas and the world


CCCC continues to expand and deepen the CCCC network and build a respected reputation in the region and globally. We continue to make connections at all local, state and federal level as well as between the US and China.


CCCC actively promotes economic, cultural and educational exchanges to improve the influence and voice of the Chinese American business community. We leverage our platform to also help improve the mutual understanding and trade concerns in the Sino-American relationship.


CCCC builds partnerships to benefit its members. Our members work as a team for common missions and goals and benefit from each other by partnering together. We create opportunities, events and programs for our members to collaborate and cooperate together.


CCCC gives back to the community and help those in need. We are compassionate about giving back to our community as we have a strong sense of social responsibility. Our members understand that we would not be successful without the support and help of the community.