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Long term stable relationship with main-stream organizations (e.g. Charlotte Chamber, SC DOC, Regional Partnership, CWTA etc.)

National AAPI Business Summit

White House AAPI leadership meeting

University connection across the region

Business Forum with major organizations

Trip to Washington DC to visit Congressman and Senators

Raleigh/Hangzhou Partnership City


Leverage CCCC platform, improve mutual understanding on the trade concerns between US-China

Advocate for the Chinese American business community, improve the influence as an organization

Enhance CCCC social media and website

US-China forum with major organizations and first tier guest speakers. Promote the region, bring the investment interests

Continue to improve our outreach through social media


Create Monthly events and set up professional groups for members to collaborate

Optimize the organizational structure, ensure the effectiveness of its function to collaborate

New leadership in place to empower the chamber, provides our members the opportunity to volunteer, contribute and lead

Member social group by profession, help members grow in their respective professions

Help members organize seminar to promote business

Mentorship program


CCCC Golf Charity Events

Emergency Assistance

Volunteer work for CCACC (Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center), groundbreaking achievement

Seminar/Passport renewal service/Voice of Carolinas

Leverage our members expertise and talent, organize free seminar and consultation: over 10 additional seminars are planned

Continue to support CCACC (Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center) to grow and volunteer activities

Environmental protection group