CCCC Management Changes

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Dear CCCC Members:

As CCCC has grown significantly in the past few years, the Chamber’s leadership has also continued to grow. Today, I am happy to announce a few changes to the CCCC executive team. These changes will help bring CCCC to a new level, enhancing our capability to better serve our members and communities.

Wendy Shao will continue to serve as VP while stepping down as Secretary General. In her VP role, Wendy will focus more on member development and engagement. Wendy did a fantastic job as Secretary General for many years and she is an integral part of CCCC’s success. As the CCCC member base grows significantly, knowing how to make members connect well and succeed together is crucial. We have asked her to take a lead in this important effort.

With that, I am pleased to announce that Louis Ta will be our new Secretary General. Louis is Duke Law graduate and a talented lawyer. He has his own attorney office based in Charlotte after working in a few well-known law firms. Although he just joined our chamber last year, his professionalism, positive energy and passion to serve the community has already amazed a lot of our members.

In addition, Guangyong Mao will be Deputy Secretary General/Director of Press. Many of us know Guangyoung as a successful media entrepreneur. He was a reporter and editor of the Carolinas’ Weekend of the Chinese Press in New York. Last year he established “Chinese Headlines” Carolina station, which became the key local news source in Chinese local community in the Carolinas.

There are a few more changes that will be made in the next few weeks. We want to provide more opportunities for new members and younger generations of leaders to serve.

Please join me to congratulate Wendy, Louis and Guangyong for their new roles. Thank you for their commitment and dedication to our Chamber!

Best Regards,
Michael Wang

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