The CCCC RTP Branch announced the re-election and symposium in Raleigh on the 26th. Angel Liu, Director of the Asia-Pacific Investment Promotion Bureau of the North Carolina Economic Development Agency, served as the president, North Carolina Triangle Real Estate Agent Company partner Leo Chen served as the vice president.


Richard Yang, the founding president of CCCC, and the current president Michael Wang came to attend the meeting from Charlotte. Michael Wang declared that the former president of the RTP branch, Zhang Ping, worked hard for the community after she served as the director of the RTP Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center CCACC. In view of her requests for the development of the RTP CCACC, Zhang Ping would resign as the president of the Chamber of Commerce。Angel Liu took over as the president of the RTP branch and appointed Leo Chen as the vice president of the RTP branch. Zhang Ping will be the honorary president of the RTP branch and continue to contribute to CCCC.


Richard Yang said, after the meeting, that the RTP branch has a lot of talents and great potential for development. Everyone brainstormed and talked freely, and put forward many valuable suggestions for the future development of CCCC. RTP branch will be under the leadership of the new president, and the talents of the new and old members will surely be able to overcome the difficulties and create a new situation to benefit the community.


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